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Sensual Poems
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 Simple, sensuous, citrus world 
of writer GJ Dürrschmidt
Welcome to the Orangenous Zone, where the juice is always loose! 

Here is where the more sophisticated, open-minded reader, can experience fresh, juicy, poetry, adult poetry, and verse written in good taste, and intended not only to quench the thirst of heart and mind, but also the libido!

Through the clever use of innuendo and word play, otherwise sexually explicit content is left primarily up to each reader's personal imagination, specific wants, needs, and desires. Oh, there's no shortage of naughtiness in these adult short stories, believe me; but just not the kind that simply jumps up and smacks one right in the face.
The Juice 
The Juice 
Copyright 2012: The Orangenous Zone. Sensual Poems. All rights reserved.

Sensual Poems and Writing

Whether the reader's interest lies in short adult stories, adult poetry, or milder sensual poems, the Orangenous Zone has a little something to offer everyone. Okay, admittedly, one may gasp occasionally, or perhaps blush once or twice, but there's absolutely no need to be shy, especially when here among friends. 

There's also plenty of vitamin SEE on every page, so please take time to explore and enjoy what each and every one of them has to offer. One is bound to discover something that strokes the funny bone, tickles the fancy, or touches that "special place" somewhere deep inside. Thank you for visiting.

 Peace, love, and orange tho'ts!